About Us

Change2E85.com  sells the #1 E85 Ethanol conversion kit in the world.

We are #1 because our system was the first of its kind. Many have tried to copy it in China which has resulted in a flood of low quality cheap knockoffs that could potentially damage your vehicle or not function right.

We are the innovators which means have unique kits and a guarantee that no other conversion kit company can offer.

Some of our innovations include:

- Cold Start Assist
- 1 & 2 cylinder kits for motorcycles
- Kits for GM vehicles with DOD, VFM and Stabilitrak
- Hummer H3 & Chevy Colorado Kits
- Vortec Kits for GM 4.3 and 5.7
- Subaru H Engine Kit
- 10 & 12 Cylinder Kits for Exotics
- Throttle Body Injection Kits


Our warranty is five years. We offer Technical Support for the life of the product.

Customer Service

No one has better Customer Service or Tech Support than we do. Our kits are made here in the USA and all employees are American and speak English. We challenge you to call the other companies to see if they provide the same level of service we do. That’s if they pick up their phone or even have a phone number that you can call. Ours is toll free 877-E85-E853. We are available 7 days a week.