Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee and Chrysler MiniVan E85 Conversion Kits

You must confirm the injector type in your Wrangler, Cherokee, or Mini Van. Please pull off one injector and compare below. Please be sure to choose the correct one to ensure compatibility. 1999 model year could have either the EV1 or EV6.


1988 - 1999 Bosch EV1 Fuel Injection Connector
Bosch EV1
4 Cylinder 6 Cylinder
1999 - present EV6 Fuel Injection Connector
Bosch EV6
4 Cylinder 6 Cylinder


Please note that some late model vehicles have a newer technology known as Direct Injection. We currently do not have a solution. We only have kits for Electronic Fuel Injection. We do not have conversion kits for Diesel engines. If you are looking for an E85 kit for your carburetor, visit If you have any questions, please contact us.