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Jerry's rock crawling Jeep

Jerry's Jeep

My FFI Platinum E85 Ethanol Conversion Kit is working great! My Jeep runs better than ever on E85, especially up here in the 6,000+ ft elevations of the Colorado Front Range. My mileage has changed very little, if any… running up and down these hills all of the time makes it difficult to track exact mileage, but I’m still in the range I was in before I added the FFI Platinum. This was a GREAT addition to my Jeep, and I feel much better supporting the Mid West than I did supporting the Middle East! I’ve attached a few pics showing my flexfuel Jeep.


Jerry's Rollover

Josh and Rebecca Tickell

The Tickells are award winning film makers. Films to their credit include Fuel, Freedom, The Big Fix and thier latest masterpiece, PUMP. In 2011, the Tickell's converted this old diesel school bus to gasoline with an old Chevy motorhome engine. When they had no idea how to make it run on ethanol, they came to us. We sent them a conversion kit. With actor Boise Thomas at the helm, they drove it tens of thousands of miles criss-crossing the country showing the Freedom movie and educating folks about renewable energy sources.

The Freedom Bus converted to E85 with a change2E85 ethanol conversion kit

The Tickells Discuss our conversion kits 5:20.

Airtran Airplane tug with a change2e85 e85 conversion kit

AirTran Airlines, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

AirTran is going green. This is one of many ground support vehicles that AirTran has converted to E85 at their Atlanta main hub. This tug originally had a carburetor. Affordable Fuel Injection installed a throttle body fuel injection system on it and then installed one of our conversion computers. Now if we could start making conversion kits for airplanes... Photo courtesy of AirTran Airways.

Mike, Outcast Marine, Lenore, ID

Here are some more pics of the boat and motor, which I changed it to include a cold air kit. First ever Ethanol powered jet boat up here. I put the O2 sensors on the motor and everything is working flawless! It seems to run about 12-13 gallon per hour, smooth power and response is up, and a heck of a lot less to fill up too. I'll keep you posted when I start running up Hells Canyon.

Jet Boat with E85 Conversion Kit

I have also converted my 1996 Trek Pathmaster with a Chevy 454 Throttle Body. We needed to get access to the engine through the doghouse and it was an easy splice in.

Bill, Frederick, Colorado

Installation was quick and easy. I put a kit on my 2004 GMC Sierra Denali first and then converted my Dodge Magnum. I own the first Hemi MDS E85 vehicle in the world!


Just wanted to say thank with for the assistance you provided me with the selecting the correct Change2E85.com Platinum conversion kit for my 1995 Camaro Z28. I followed the provided directions and I am now running my Z28 on e85 with no problems whatsoever. I love the extra boost it gives the car as well. My car has 149K miles on it when I installed the conversion kit. I would also like to point out this car was very well maintained, which is very important as your web site points out. I have always used synthetic oil and I had my engine flushed at 100K. Feel free to post my picture or the body of this email to your 100% satisfied customer board.  Keep up the good work.

Thanks again,

James Z.  (Maryland)
James Z's Z28

Installed on 2005 Lexus LX470 and so far so good! Very easy to install and I like the fact I am not putting any of my fuel purchase in the Middle East hands. I plan on converting my wife's 2001 ML320 as well and already have made several referrals including a local Truck Performance shop here in town. Now if we can just get all the gas stations to have at least one pump we would be doing great.

Thanks Andy D.

This is Robert Haskins with Bob Haskins Racing in Poolesville Maryland and I just wanted to say thanks for your help with the initial purchase and set up of my full flex gold unit in my 1988 454 TBI injected Chevy pick up.


Bob Haskings Racing



This is one bad truck on E-85 and the full flex unit makes it all possible and the people watching me fill up just stand and wonder how I can put E-85 in an older truck. I tell them all about the full flex unit and then I  just smile and drive away knowing I am doing the right thing for the farmers and for the USA. God Bless America. I sent some pictures along with this note, use the ones you want and I am making my next order for my 1991 blazer and decals. Thanks for all your help and I will talk with you soon.

Robert Haskins
Bob Haskins Racing

JPFreek Adventure Magazine is currently in the process of extensively testing one of our conversion kits. Please visit their website and see the reviews of our conversion kit. Click on the picture right to visit their site.

The Vanguard Squadron - 100% Ethanol Powered Formation Aerobatic Team.

We are honored that one of the pilots has purchased a conversion kit from us. When we get his testimonial, we will place it here.

In the mean time, please visit The Vanguard Squadron's website and see one of their air shows. Click on the planes to the left to visit.

Hi my name is Raymond Schwirtz.

I did a E85 conversion on my Dodge Caravan, with a 3.8 V6. The van is a conversion van, so it is handicap accessible and with a disobliging disease like MS it is my only means of transportation and I made the choice to convert to E-85 for several reasons; First was the price it is .81 cents a gallon cheaper the regular gasoline and second it's safer for the environment. Also my van also performs better on the E-85. As far as the mileage I've only experienced about a 2 mile per gallon difference and I'm sure that will improve as the temperatures raise a little we've been below zero for the better part of January and I've had no problems starting or anything else.

The conversion took about two hours because we had to remove the intake plenum to get to the injectors but it was just a good shade tree mechanic that did it so no problem's there, started right up and drove to the local gas station and followed directions and did the 50 - 50 mix and everything went ok now, I'm on E 85 only and living in the corn belt makes me feel great to be an American. I have E-85 plants within 1 hour of my house. Hope you take the time and make the conversion for the sake of America.


Security Co. Aurora, Colorado

We converted our Crown Vic and Impala Patrol cars with the Change2E85.com conversion kit. We get more power and save considerably at the pump. Considering that we drive our vehicles 300 miles a day, these kits paid for themselves in approximately 24 days. We are saving over $500 per month per vehicle.

We plan on adding an E85 tank on our property to save even more money on our fuel costs.

Alex - Hollowman Air Force Base, NM

2008 Honda Civic Si - converted with less than 100 Miles on the Odometer.



James, Parker Colorado

I simply cannot thank you enough for your top notch customer service. You are truly #1 in my book. I have never met someone so dedicated to making the customer happy. Thanks so much for helping me get my 2002 TOYOTA SEQUOIA E85!!! It is wonderful and I already have people asking about it! What a great product. I couldn't be happier!!! Many many thanks and Long live E85!!!

George, Santa Fe NM

My next conversion will be my wife's '01 BMW X-5 3.0i SAV. After that I have another BMW K1200LT to be converted and two normally aspirated 1985 700cc and 1994 1500cc Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycles that I'll convert to DEDICATED E-85 bikes.
Joe, Lakewood, CO

My conversion kit is working great. I did purchase a set of Pulstar plugs and I’m getting just about 30mpg (as opposed to 34-36mpg) and saving about $10.00 per fill up. My car is running like it has an extra cylinder!! I am totally satisfied with your product and intend to convert my other two cars (I’m going to use Mr. Bush’s economic stimulus rebate to pay for the kits – LOL). I even have a “Calvin” cartoon sticker affixed to my rear window. Calvin is “doing his thing” to “OPEC.” This is one of the best things I have stumbled upon especially in light of rising gas prices. While I hear people bitching about paying over $3.00 a gallon, I reply with a smirk – “Hey I pay no more than $2.29 a gallon for my fuel.” Many thanks for your assistance with my initial purchase and set up.

Allan - ASC Racing Engines
Jeffersonville, IN

Thanks again for all the help on changing my s2000 to run on e85. We decided to change to e85 as we are going turbo & the cost of  AVG 100 av gas had gone up to $5.11 a gal. Just as you said there was an increase in hp & tq  from the start. We gained 13 hp / 19 ftlbs of tq with no tuning !! We have not installed the turbo yet, but have made a injector & timing change and can see more power. Picking up 6 more hp & 16 ft lbs tq - WOW!!!  the conversion is a great product that has paid for it's self in no time with fuel cost. Bang for the buck it is a bigger pick up than the cams that gave us 7hp & 5 ft lbs tq(and cost $890.00 !!). We will be putting the kits on our club cars this summer !!

Dafydd, Las Vegas, NV

My hybrid is greener than your hybrid!
Mike, York, SC

Well I am glad to say I received the package, installed it myself, checked the little lights and power was on. Am glad to say now I am running on "hooch". Purrs like a kitten, everything great so far. Thanks for your help.

Brian R., Columbia, MD.

I installed it on my Toyota Prius Hybrid and immediately traveled 30 miles into DC to fill 50-50 on E85 / Gasoline (just couldn't wait). I reset the "Consumption" indicator on the system before I departed there. One look at the attached photo and you can see the inSANE difference! 60.7 mpg on a 27 mile trip!! With REGULAR gasoline the best I could do was 54mpg. It has since leveled out to between 56 & 57mpg (still amazing). I understand I'll be getting lower mileage than what I'm getting now with E85 in the tank but this is FAR better than I thought it would be already! If I can squeeze 50mpg outta this thing w/ E85 I'll be your most satisfied customer. Thanks again for all the patience.  Thus far, you've made a believer out of me.

Prius Hybrid on E85
E85 Powered SRT-4
Dennis, Ohio

After a couple of issues which were taken care of very quickly by Alex and David my SRT-4 has now been converted to run on E85. The unit was a breeze to install and took about 10 minutes to do! The car runs great and has even more power than before. I had heard about a decrease in fuel mileage with E85, but I haven't noticed a difference with E85. The customer service has been the best and all issues or questions have been taken care of super quickly. These guys stand behind there product and I'm sure if I have any problems they will be there to help me. E85 is about .60 cheaper here than super unleaded so the Sheiks in the Mid East or the big oil companies won't be getting as much of my money from now on.

Gene, Lynnwood, WA

My Moto Guzzi V11 Sport is working with E85. Thanks for the support and I will encourage everyone to convert their motorcycles to bio-fuel. It runs like a ROCKET!

Moto Guzzi E85 Powered

Jim, Boulder & Breckenridge, CO

The conversion unit works great on the company delivery vehicle. We have driven 5000+ miles since the conversion. I have been running pure E85 even in the cold weather with out difficulty. The 2004 Jeep Liberty came equipped with a engine block heater which I use only on night forecasted to be below 25F.

Thatch, Centennial, CO

A new national commitment to ethanol has been signed. We early adopters will force the change to better sources of ethanol, and....the planet is warming. 'Nuff said.

2005 Honda Element. 15 minute install. Fill up at the "Yellow Pumps". Feel good. Cool.
Corvette LS6 with flexfuel conversion kit.


I was tasked with finding the best all-around flex fuel converter in the US.

I found after much research and testing that Full Flex is such a product.  E85 allows my Corvette to perform to it's maximum.

The professional manner this company does business and their impeccable customer service and technical support is the reason I have chosen this product for my prized Chevrolet Corvette.

Howard S, MD

I am a truly satisfied customer, & have demonstrated my Audi A8 to many people who are interested in E85 conversion...including my son (an engineering prof at U of I).

Audi A8 with full flex e85 converter
H2 Hummer with an ethanol conversion kit

Dan, Colorado

What an amazing product! It took me all of 15 minutes to install. Come on Hummer owners of the world, lets go green. I need 3 more units now and 10 more next week to retro my entire work fleet. E85 is $1.01 cheaper than gas here in Colorado. Thanks again. Great customer service!!

Mark, Colorado

Installation was a breeze on my Mercedes 500 and when I moved the unit to my Audi it performed equally well with no adjustments needed at all.

Thanks for the Great Product.

Mercedes running an E85 converstion kit for cars, truck or motorcycles
Subaru outback with flexfuel conversion kit

Jason, CO

I installed a FullFlex Gold E85 Converter on my 2004 Outback, it was a piece of cake to install and my car runs great. If you are looking for the best product at the best price and superior customer support, then get a FullFlex. Kick the Oil Habit!


I had my mechanic install my E85 Conversion Kit in my Audi turbo. He said, "It could not have been easier." I have noticed an increase in performance and better fuel economy with both gas and ethanol. Thanks for helping with my continued desire to break my dependence on foreign oil.

Audi with flexfuel bi-fuel converter