Smart Car, Mirage & Elio E85 Flex Fuel Conversion Kit

Smart Car, Mirage & Elio E85 Flex Fuel Conversion Kit

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This is an E85 Ethanol Conversion kit for 3 cylinder SmartCar, Elio and Mitsubishi Mirage. Part Number 3VAS.

This conversion kit includes:
Three cylinder E85 ethanol conversion computer
Wire harness
Appropriate connectors for your vehicle
Five year warranty
Seven day a week toll-free technical support
Zip ties and mounting screws
Made in the USA

Compatible with the following vehicles with EFI

SmartCar All Years
Mitsubishi Mirage Select Nippon Denso
Elio Select Bosch EV1
Other 3 cylinder engines with MPI

Important: Connector Verification


You must verify that your vehicle has the same injector connectors as pictured on the right before placing your order.

If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us. We can help you choose the correct model for your vehicle.

Nippon Denso Fuel Injector Connector
Nippon Denso
EV1 Fuel Injector Connector
Bosch EV1

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