Five Year Warranty

Five Year Limited Product Warranty:
Our standard product warranty covers failure of the converter to function properly in normal service for the original purchaser for a period of five years from the date of installation. If product should fail to operate, we will replace or repair the product at our sole and absolute discretion. Warranty service should be obtained from the dealer/installer where originally purchased. If this is not practical, please contact us to arrange for warranty service.

Five Year Limited Warranty of Emission Control Equipment:
The emission control equipment of all vehicles is generally warranted by the vehicle manufacturer for the useful life of the vehicle (see vehicle warranty). Our emission control equipment warranty covers failure of emission control equipment owned by the original purchaser of the converter for five years from the date of installation due to ethanol related corrosion. If a part covered by our emission control warranty fails due to ethanol corrosion, the repair technician is to complete our affidavit of ethanol corrosion failure. The repair invoice, affidavit, and failed parts must be sent to us for analysis and processing.

Limitations of Warranties:
Where allowed by applicable law, the warranties discussed herein do not cover loss of use or incidental, special or consequential damages. This warranty coverage is for normal usage on factory configured vehicles. Damage to the product from non-customary use events such as vehicle collisions, exposure to excessive heat, fire, cold, short circuits, improper wiring, voltage surge, water submersion or chemical exposure is not covered under these warranties. In addition, damage from improper installation or damage due to civil disorder, acts of war, or natural disasters are not covered. Where allowed by applicable law, there are no implied or other warranties which extend beyond the descriptions of the warranties contained herein.

This product is not intended for use in aircraft, life support systems, or other mission critical service where a failure could be life threatening or cause extensive economic loss.