Myths and FAQs

Was your kit the one featured in the movie PUMP?

Yes. Our conversion kit was featured in the movie PUMP.

Why should I buy your conversion kit?

1. We are USA based and our conversion kits are made here in the USA.
2. We have a working toll free number.
3. 30 day money back guarantee.
4. Five year warranty.
5. Seven days a week tech support via phone or email
6. Industry Firsts and Innovations:
- TBI Kits
- Monopoint Kits
- Cental Point Kits
- 4.3L and 5.7L Spider injection kits
- MDS, AFM, DOD Kits
- Stabilitrack Kits
- Subaru Boxter Kits
- Motorcycle Kits for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 cylinders
- Hummer H3, Colorado I5 Kits
- Cold Start Assist in all new kits

Where can I find E85 fuelling stations?

There are many resources on the web. One of the best is a site managed by the US Department of Energy. Be sure to select E85 from the drop down menu and then enter in your zip code. US DOE Alternative Fuel Locator

iTunes and the Google Play Store have many apps which can help you not only locate E85 station, but also navigate to them as well or even plan a trip around the E85 stations.

Is shopping on safe?

Yes. We use SSL certificates with 256 bit encryption. Click on the certificate below. We also use PayPal for all credit card processing.

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Will this E85 kit cause my check engine light to come on?

We read the message boards too and many other low quality kits will cause the check engine light to come on. Those other kits are poorly made and create more problems than they are worth. Our kit is designed with advanced electronics and software to eliminate all erroneous check engine lights. We also have an impedance sensor so the conversion kit is able adjust itself to match your vehicle’s impedance resulting in trouble free operation. We guarantee it or your money back. See our MBG.

Do I need your E85 kit or can I just have my vehicle's computer reconfigured to FlexFuel?

The problem is that reprogramming the ECM to a different fuel is considered tampering by the EPA making it illegal. Businesses who reprogram computers can be subject to heavy fines and even prison. However if they take your car and have it certified after they convert it, then all is good – except for the $25,000 it will cost for certification and the mountain of paperwork involved. The automakers have their own testing labs overseen by independent evaluators who report findings to the EPA. They can certify an engine group for a full model year on both E85 and gasoline. 

Is my car Flex Fuel from the factory?

The first thing to do is check for badging. If there is a Flex Fuel emblem on the back of the car then it is. If there is no emblem, check your fuel filler cap. If it is yellow, then yes it is flex. Also check the inside of the filler door. Some manufacturers will put an E85 sticker on the inside. The final place to check is the Fuel Freedom Foundation's website. They maintain the most comprehensive database of vehicles that are already Flex Fuel from the factory. If you get a positive hit, congratulations and head to the nearest E85 station and enjoy. If you get the big X, please come back to our site and buy a conversion kit.

Why doesn’t your kit have a fuel type selection button like your competitors?

We don’t need one. Through lots of R&D, better technology and software enhancements, we have been able to eliminate the need for an on/off or fuel selection button. So all of the fuel switching is done automatically as the conversion computer, the ECM and sensor system work in symphony.

Does your kit have any certifications?

Back in 2008 we did testing with the US EPA. Our kit was awarded an OBD2 Compliance. In order to enter the European market, our kit needed to be CE TUV certified. The CE TUV certification is better than being UL listed and Good Housekeeping seal of approval combined. We used to have a kit which was called FlexFuelUS. It was US EPA certified on a small number of engine groups. It was discontinued it as it was very expensive, difficult to install, and the only benefit over our standard kit was you could get some rebates but only if the vehicle was part of a fleet.

Does your conversion kit lock my vehicle into E85 only?

Our conversion kit will allow you to use Gasoline, E85, or any combination of the two fuels.

Can I run E100 with your conversion kit?

Yes. We have many people using E98 and E100 in their converted vehicles. Every car is different so you will need to play mad scientist and experiment with the water content. Too much water displaces the oxygen in the cylinder resulting in an antidentonant. Not enough water then results in wasting fuel.

Do I need to change my fuel pump? Fuel Lines? Fuel Tank? Fuel Rail? Fuel Injectors?

No. If you have electronic fuel injection, your fuel system is ethanol ready. Please remember that the only difference between a FlexFuel vehicle and a non FlexFuel vehicle is software.

Can I safely convert my vehicle?

Yes you can. We have sold over 100,000 kits around the world. We have done testing with the US EPA. Our kit is CE certified in Europe. If our systems were not safe, the US EPA would have shut us down a long time ago. Also if E85 was truly harmful to your vehicle, then the EPA would mandate that the E85 pump nozzle be a different size than unleaded – just like they mandated with diesel. Did you know the EPA has a SWAT team?

Can I run Methanol with your kit?

Yes. M85 is used in Europe and we have done some testing here in Colorado with Methanol. Since methanol is so clean when burning, it is important to have fresh O2 sensors and a very well tuned up car. Methanol does eat seals in your fuel pump. Vyton is a synthetic rubber sealing material used in many vehicle fuel pumps. Vyton works just fine with gasoline and ethanol but will be damaged by methanol resulting in fuel pump failure. Buna-N seals are gasoline, methanol and ethanol proof. Vyton seals can be found on many GM cars and Buna-N can be found on many European vehicles. Which ones specifically have which, we don’t know.

Can your kit allow my car to run Diesel or Bio Diesel?

No. Diesel engines have different ignition and fuel delivery. If you want to convert your gasoline engine to Diesel, it will require an engine swap.

My car requires premium fuel. Can I still convert my car and use E85?

Yes. The typical car that has a premium fuel requirement needs a minimum of 91 octane. E85 has 105 octane which is even better!

What is included with your Conversion Kit?

- E85 ethanol conversion computer
- Wire harness
- Appropriate connectors for your vehicle
- Five year warranty
- Seven day a week toll-free technical support
- Zip ties and mounting screws

Do I need a mechanic to install this kit?

99% of our customers install the conversion kit themselves. It is extremely easy. Our tech support is available 7 days a week to help you with any install questions. Four, five and eight cylinder engines for the most part are all very easy. V6 engines with rear wheel drive are easy too.

Some front wheel drive V6 engines and some AWD V6 engines may require a mechanic as the back three injectors are covered by the intake manifold aka intake plenum. A few of these have all 6 injectors covered. There are thousands of intake manifold repair videos on YouTube made by mechanics and DIYer’s so you may find a video of your exact engine. If you just want to have a mechanic do it, we highly recommend that you stay away from the dealer. They have a tendency to overcharge. We recommend that you go to a small, independently owned repair facility. Craigslist is a fantastic place to find a shade tree mechanic or a certified mechanic looking for side work. We found our resident mechanic on craigslist. He is ASE certified, Honda certified, and works on jet engines. ALWAYS find out how much you are going to be charged before work begins. A good mechanic should be able to remove the plenum, install the kit, and replace the plenum in less than 1.5 hours. Since you have the plenum off, it is a good time to install a new set of spark plugs and plug wires (if they are reaching end of life).

My engine is modified. Can I use your kit?

If your engine is stock from the factory, even if it is ultra-high performance or exotic, we can convert it. Factory superchargers and turbos are great as ethanol is more efficient and powerful under higher compression. Cat back exhaust, K&N air filters, cold air intakes, Superchips type programmers, MSD ignitions are also compatible with our kit.

However aftermarket turbos, aftermarket superchargers, aftermarket cams and bigger injectors have been problematic. If you have made these modifications, we recommend that you visit your local speed shop and have your engine professionally tuned, dynoed and mapped for E85 use. It is expensive, but the horsepower gains are worth it.

Will your kit work with my Direct Injected engine?

Unfortunately we do not offer a direct injection kit at this time. Direct Injection is also known as Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI), Petrol Direct Injection, Direct Petrol Injection, Spark Ignited Direct Injection (SIDI) and Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI). One of our overseas competitors did release one several years ago but it was unreliable and caused vehicle damage. It was discontinued. Hopefully in the near future we will offer a Direct Injection kit.

Do I need to change my fuel filter after converting to E85?

No. Back in the old days, carburetors had tiny fuel filters. They would clog if there was any sediment in the tank. Todays fuel filters are HUGE! It will take a lot of crud to clog it or reduce flow. Gasoline is much cleaner than it used to be due to 10% ethanol and detergents added so that significantly reduces sediment build up. It is important that you change your fuel filter at the manufacture’s recommended intervals. If your fuel filter is in the fuel tank, then you will not need to change your fuel filter until your fuel pump dies.

Do I need to change my fuel injectors?

No. All fuel injectors in a modern vehicle with Electronic Fuel Injection can not only physically handle ethanol, but they have enough duty cycle to deliver the right amount of E85 even at wide open throttle. We have had only one complaint of a vehicle not having enough fuel delivered – it was a 427 Cobra Jet engine during a drag race. Our kit was never meant for drag racing.

Do I need to change my fuel pump?

No. All fuel pumps can handle ethanol. They have to. Most gasoline in the USA already has at least 10% ethanol. You can’t make a seal that is 10% ethanol proof. Either it is or it isn’t.

Will the corrosive nature of ethanol destroy my engine components?

Ethanol is not very corrosive but it was not ethanol that caused damage. Back in the old days, ethanol contained a lot of water. The Model-T with a whopping 17 horsepower did not need high octane like today’s vehicles. So instead of wasting energy to distill all of the water out of ethanol, it would contain about 50% ethanol and 50% water. What happens when you add water and steel? Rust! Hence: corrosion. So it was not ethanol that caused the fuel tank, fuel lines, carburetor, and other components to corrode, it was the water. Today’s E85 comes with little to no water. It has to otherwise it would not mix with the gasoline. Water in ethanol will cause phase separation from the gasoline even at high temperatures. Today’s fuel systems are also made with better composite and/or synthetic materials which resist corrosion.

Here is a video to demonstrate various cemicals that are in gasoline and their corrosive effects:

"Here we see just a few of the most common components of gasoline used for some in house testing looking at material compatibility and permeation issues. Only aromatics dissolve styrofoam and the lower carbon number aromatics like toluene used here is found to be the most aggressive. Toluene itself can be up to 15% of gasoline today and poses the most concerns related to small engine or marine issues."

Will the corrosive nature of ethanol destroy my seals?

Ethanol is not very corrosive. Old engines used cork gaskets and seals. Ethanol will dry out cork. Cork was phased out and replaced with synthetic rubber in the 1980s. So any modern vehicle can use E85 safely.

Will ethanol damage my aluminum engine or fuel tank?

Ethanol is perfectly safe for use with aluminum auto components including engines and fuel tanks. There is a ton of mis-information out there on the internet. So much so that some automotive additive companies are profiting by manufacturing and selling bottles of snake oil to help protect your engine from the “harmful corrosive effects of ethanol” in your gasoline. There is no proof to their claims; however they are using fear to make millions. Donny Seyfer of Seyfer Automotive in Wheat Ridge, Colorado has used ethanol in his car which has both aluminum engine and tank. After long term use, he discovered no damage to his engine or tank. Donny is co-host of Drive Radio, a Saturday radio car talk show on 560 KLZ in Denver.

How many kits have you sold?

We started in 2005 and through all of our international distribution channels have sold over 100,000 kits worldwide for nearly every make and model of EFI vehicle.

Can I use E85 in my lawnmower?

Small engines have brass components in the carburetors. Brass and ethanol do not play well together. We have tested E85 in small engines and they have more power and run smoother. We have not done any long term testing to see if the claims of brass damage are true.

Can I use your kit on my California registered vehicle?

California has their own rules and regulations separate from the other 49 states which are federally regulated. CARB regulations are so strict, that they deem this and all other conversion devices illegal unless they are certified on an engine group. The cost is prohibitive to our company.

You can use a conversion kit  on a California controlled vehicle at your own risk. Penalties 42001.14. (a) Every person convicted of an infraction for the offense of disconnecting, modifying, or altering a required pollution control device in violation of Section 27156 shall be punished as follows: (1) For a first conviction, by a fine of not less than fifty dollars ($50), nor more than one hundred dollars ($100). (2) For a second or subsequent conviction, by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars ($100), nor more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250).

Many of our customers in California remove the kit before a smog check. Others have hidden the conversion computer or disguised it. Some folks have left the state. No one to date has been convicted.

Reference CVC policies sections 27156, 38391, and 38395.

Will my engine run hotter on ethanol?

No. Your engine will run cooler. The higher the octane the fuel contains, the cooler it burns.

How much power will I lose running E85?

None. You will gain power. Using E85 with 105 octane will instantly add 10-20% more power.

What is Cold Start Assist?

The E85 Conversion Kit was invented almost 30 years ago in Brazil where the weather is either warm or hot and starting a vehicle on ethanol or E85 is relatively easy. However the USA, Canada and Europe experience cool and downright frigid temperatures which make starting on E85 difficult and in some cases, impossible. Our E85 conversion kit includes fully automatic Cold Start Assist Technology which makes for easy starting in cold and frigid temperatures.

Ethanol has a vaporization temperature approximately 56 degrees Fahrenheit. When the outside temperature drops below 50, our cold start feature will turn on but only during the initial starting cycle. It will add extra fuel during the starting cycle to help increase the vaporization potential allowing for a considerably easier engine start. The kit will resume normal operations after 550 cycles or approximately 30 seconds of engine run time.

Why can’t I just change the programming on my car’s computer?

You can. However it is illegal. Changing the car from its originality is not allowed without an EPA certification. Some shops out there will do it and sometimes do it yourself programmers are snuck into the USA. The EPA quickly shuts down these shops and programmers are seized in customs. The financial and criminal penalties can be harsh. Since our system is a standalone unit and modifies only computer output signals, the car is left in its originality.

Will this conversion kit void my manufacturer’s warranty?

US Code - Title 15, Chapter 50, Sections 2301-2312

Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)) .

Why do your kits cost more than some others?

There have been some cheap knock-offs made in China and Eastern Europe. We have tested some of these kits and they are just terrible. There have been reports of these cheap kits damaging vehicle’s ECMs which can cost thousands of dollars to replace. They also cause check engine lights to come on without any reason. These cheap kits are being dumped on the market without any written guarantee of quality or support. We have an excellent reputation and were fully vetted before our E85 Conversion Kit was featured in the movie, PUMP. The director, Josh Tickell, has had tens of thousands of miles experience with our conversion kit as he uses it in her personal vehicles and the Freedom bus. Back in 2011, the Freedom Bus crisscrossed the USA racking up tens of thousands of miles running exclusively on E85 using our conversion kit. If he was not confident in our product or our customer service, he would not have featured us. To help you make a decision, try calling one of the less expensive conversion kit companies. Many are based outside the USA, do not have a phone number, nor speak English. Our high quality product which is our original technology, made in the USA, with USA based 7 day a week tech support, a toll free number and a five year warranty is going to cost more.

Do Flex-Fuel vehicles trim fuel differently?

The stoichiometry of ethanol requires more fuel for the same amount of air than does gasoline. As you add small amounts of ethanol to the fuel, like with E10, your ECM will make positive trim adjustments to correct the fuel to air mixture. As higher ethanol concentrations are used, higher levels of additional positive trim will be needed. A factory FlexFuel vehicle will have an ECM which has the necessary capacity for positive trim to correctly trim the fuel for high concentrations of ethanol.

How does your converter work?

Our converter works in concert with your vehicle's fuel trim system. FlexFuel vehicles have a fuel trim system with more capacity for positive trim than the positive trim capacity in a non flex-fuel vehicle. By inserting a digital signal processor and some electronics between the ECM and the injectors, we can add some positive trim to help the non flex-fuel vehicle reach the amount of positive trim necessary for correctly using ethanol. This added trim, combined with what the ECM can provide, allows the ECM to trim the fuel to reach the proper mixture for E85.

I accidentally put E85 in my car and it is not FlexFuel from the factory nor do I have a conversion kit. It is running horribly or won’t start. The dealer wants $2000.00 to fix it. What do I do?

The good news is that you have not ruined your car. The dealer may try to gouge you out of a lot of money so don’t listen to them. The way to fix your car is to drain the E85 out of the fuel tank. Get the E85 level low enough so you can add gasoline and have a 50-50 mix of the two fuels. If you are having issues starting, it may take some extra cranking to get gasoline to the engine before it will start. If it was running horribly, a couple of miles of driving will clear it up. It may still run a little rough during the 50-50 mix, however the ethanol will clean out your fuel system and engine top end resulting in a better running vehicle.

What is the worst thing that I can do to my engine?

The dumbest thing that we do every day is run gasoline in our engines. The carbon in gasoline is dirty and gets gritty in the engine. It builds up around valves and acts like sandpaper in the engine shortening its life. Not to mention what it does to our environment and other geo-political issues it creates.

Ethanol on the other hand has low carbon, burns cleaner, requires few oil changes, has fewer emissions and will make your engine last longer.

Can I convert my carbureted engine?

Yes you can. We recommend contacting

Can I make ethanol at home?

Yes you can. It is difficult for the average person and impossible if you live in an apartment. If you have the space, time, a strong back and access to low priced feedstock, then making ethanol is for you. Check out