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Installing a FlexFuel converter into most vehicles is rather easy. If you can remove the tank of your motorcycle, you can install a converter. We already checked to see what type of connectors are on the bike. We determined that it is Bosch EV1. We grabbed one off the shelf and began our installation. Your motorcycle must be in proper operating condition in order to do this conversion.

Orange County Choppers will be unveiling an ethanol powered motorcycle on June 24th, 2007. We think it is great that they are bringing awareness to the ethanol cause and its usage in motorcycles. Will it be FlexFuel? Probably not since most of their choppers are carbureted. Our Triumph motorcycle is FlexFuel capable and we can run it on E85 or gas. Since E85 has 105 octane, there is no need for gas.
We are going to convert a 2003 Triumph Speed Four to be FlexFuel compatible.
Remove the tank and locate the injectors. Here you can see the 4 injectors lined up.
Here is a close up of one injector.
Remove the injector connector from the injector.
Splice in the connectors. It's easy, they just snap together.
This picture shows the harness and the injector connectors. Less than 60 seconds to do all four.
Attach the black wire to the negative side of the battery.
Find a nice place under the seat to attach the FlexFuel converter.

Put the tank back on and go for a ride. There are some dip switches in the unit that allow for minor changes. They will make it run a little leaner or richer. It's a good idea to run it for a day on gas to make sure that your bike is running well. In most cases no adjustments are required making this a "plug and play" installation.

Now that all is running well, head down to your E85 station and fill up with half gas and half E85. Enjoy because you are now running about 98 octane. After that tank fill up with all E85. Now you have 105 octane. ZOOM! Subsequent fill ups can be any mixture of ethanol or gas. You now are FlexFueled! Sorry but your exhaust will not smell like popcorn but you can brag that your bike is green and powered by American fuel.

If you have any questions about this installation or compatibility with your powersport, please feel free to contact us.

All done. Some added graphics letting the world know that this is a FlexFuel E85 converted motorcycle.

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