Change2E85 dot com changing the world to ethanol one vehicle at a time. We sell E85 Ethanol Conversion Kits for all makes and models of vehicles with EFI.

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Flex Fuel US is the only E85 Conversion Kit in the world with EPA certifications. The consumer model, the platinum has CE certification.
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E85 Conversion kits on sale
FFI Platinum is the only E85 Conversion kit with Cold Start Technology
OPEC Busters T-Shirt. Just say no to foreign oil! has the only E85 Conversion kit with MDS Multiple Displacement System Engines
We have E85 Conversion kits for exotics in V8, V10 and V12 engines change2E85 sells the pulstar high energy spark plugs
Welcome to An authorized distributor and reseller of the only EPA compliant Flex Fuel E85 ethanol converter in the USA.

We know that you are visiting here because you want to make a difference and save money on fuel costs. Not only is E85 ethanol motor fuel's price is cheaper than gasoline, but it is better for the environment. Further, your dollars stay here in the USA since E85 ethanol is American made.

We have purchased other E85 Conversion Kits and tested them in our personal vehicles. As an independent reseller, we have chosen to ONLY sell the FFI Platinum. We will continue independent testing of all brands and should we find one better, we will consider offering that product. We do not accept free test units. We pay for them to keep our testing unbiased.

Your vehicle will have the ability to run on straight gas, straight ethanol, or any combination of the two. The most popular combinations are E85 (85% ethanol and 15% gasoline) or your everyday gas (10% ethanol and 90% gasoline). Please remember that the FFI Platinum will automatically sense the gas to ethanol ratio and make all of the adjustments necessary for a seamless FlexFuel experience.

If you are ready to do something good for the environment and reduce your motor fuel expenses, click your automaker on the right side and buy a E85 Conversion Kit for your vehicle. E85 kits are available for any fuel injected car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV and more.

Earth Friendly SUV and motorcycle - 1996 Chevy Tahoe and Triumph motorcycle converted to run on E85 Gas ethanol or any combination of each

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